Vanuatu Paradise


Vanuatu - A Dream Come True!

Resting on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Vanuatu is house to nine active volcanoes, seven on land and 2 below the sea.

Mt. Yasur

One of the most popular and conveniently available, is Mt Yasur, on Tanna Island. After a brief, simple, climb you'll find yourself at the top of its outstanding crater for an unique front row fireworks show.

It is a beautiful tourist attraction, where people from around the world come to see the sparkling and vivid fireworks as the majestic landscape colours the view from Mt Yasur's top. You get the best of both worlds, right here at Mt Yasur, in Vanuatu.

Underwater Paradise

Or head underneath the gleaming blue-green waters and explore fascinating colourful corals reefs and sea life at several of the world's ideal diving sites, consisting of 22,200 tonne WWII wreck - SS President Coolidge.

Or dive into one of Vanuatu's crystal clear freshwater blue holes. The eastern coastline of Espiritu Santo boasts much more blue holes than anywhere else in the world, including one of the most incredible, Nanda, which can be located hidden amongst Santo's lush jungle.

Friendly Nation

Vanuatu has been acknowledged as one of the globe's most culturally diverse countries, which isn't unexpected when you consider it is home to 110 distinctive cultures and languages.

Dances, ceremonies and creative designs can vary from island to island, and also from area to area , yet in spite of all these differences, Vanuatu grows in harmony. Popular as a few of the happiest people in the world and called 'The Land of Smiles', it's certainly the friendly locals that keep Aussies returning over and over again.

Quick Trip

Simply a short trip from Australia's East Coast, with direct trips from Sydney (3.5 h), Melbourne and Brisbane to Vanuatu's main port, Port Vila, you can be completely detached from all stress, diving in the beautiful water and resting on the majestic beach.

Normal connections through to Vanuatu's major islands consisting of Espiritu Santo, Tanna, Malakula and Pentacost make it simple for travellers to obtain a true taste of typical island life.

Air Vanuatu has additionally simply introduced a new direct route in between Brisbane and Santo, making this island paradise much more available.

Vanuatu Facts